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IT Service Management

Improved employee and customer experiences are essential to a successful digital transformation.

However, using IT tools in departments closed for digital transformation will create information silos within those departments.
With disparate data and processes, plus the excessive amount of time and money spent fixing isolated issues, resources become limited to creating enjoyable experiences for internal employees/customers. The platform’s native Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, along with natural language virtual agent (NLU) chatbots, relieve your IT staff and quickly increase productivity by up to 30%.

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How can Aoop help you?

We apply the concept of COEi, Center of Excellence and Innovation. For every deployment we undertake, we have the potential to deliver a service solution that provides consultative leadership, evangelism, best practices, research and innovation, and organizational change strategy.
All steps are focused on generating value and maximizing the investment made with the ServiceNow platform and the ITSM module.
This is how we believe your company will have the perfect ability to integrate with other internal and legacy systems.
We are on the path to uncover the true power of digital transformation with a single platform that can be leveraged in the entire organization.

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