Security Policy

ISP- Information Security Policy

This PSI is aligned with the Mission, Vision and Values, as well as with the objectives and purpose of the Aoop Cloud Solutions Education Institution.

Aoop Cloud Solutions, through its Information Security and Privacy Policy, aims to establish:

In a propitious, convenient, adequate, timely and timely manner for the purposes of the organization and its employees, Aoop Cloud.

Solutions determines the set of guidelines, whose objective is to guarantee the protection of information against possible threats that may directly or indirectly harm the integrity of personal data and, consequently, its students and operations.

Ensure compliance with all its legal obligations, to meet the regulatory and contractual requirements relevant to its activities, such as the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (GLPD), No 13,709 of August 2018.

Guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information of the holders of Personal Data, its collaborators and Aoop Cloud Solutions itself, protecting the privacy of data and information systems against undue access and unauthorized modifications.

Ensure that only authorized persons have access to Aoop Cloud Solutions facilities, information and information systems.

Make people aware of the possible consequences for Aoop Cloud Solutions, its employees and PD holders, of the violation of privacy or security policies, in particular those related to the handling of DP.

Ensure your business continuity by protecting critical processes against significant failures or disasters.

Ensure continuous and up-to-date training in information security and privacy policies and procedures, emphasizing people’s obligations for information security and privacy.

Ensure that all responsibilities for information security and privacy, including the person in charge of processing Personal Data-PD, are clearly defined and that the persons indicated are competent and capable of fulfilling their duties for information security and privacy.

Continually improve the Information Privacy Management System. This Policy is available to all relevant interested parties.

Make available and maintain, in a transparent, accessible and documented manner, the update of the Information Security and Privacy Policy for its employees and for PD holders

This policy comes into force from the date of its ratification and publication, being valid for an indefinite period..

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