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IT Governance

IT governance describes guidelines and rules that align the area with organizational strategies in order to add value to the company’s objectives.

There are processes, strategies and tools that organizations employ to ensure the effective use of IT to achieve goals and minimize risks. Its set of standards and practices establish a direct connection between technologies and business values.

As such, it presents several benefits:

Demonstrate measurable results;

Increase stakeholder confidence;

Improve regulatory compliance;

Optimize ROi for all IT investments

The objective of IT governance is to accurately align the area’s solutions with the company’s strategic business objectives, making it more effective and strategic.


Deliver value to stakeholders;

Establish the IT Strategy;

Attenuate risks;

Measure performance.

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How can Aoop help you?

Our team of specialists has a wide range of expertise, which offers an adequate vision of governance, which will allow the strategic use of the ServiceNow platform.

Benefits for your company:

Allow alignment with the goals and vision of the organization;

Create a standardized framework for future development;

Provide robustness to support business growth;

Ensure that those responsible/owners for/of the platform meet the standards demanded by the company.

With proper governance employed, you will progress from managing ServiceNow like any other tool, to managing it as a holistic program delivering transformational enterprise-wide services.

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